Bulldozer Constructions Truck

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  • 3 IN 1 REMOTE TRUCKS SET: A loading truck that can really be controlled by remote control, Simply mount the remote control engine to the bottom of the truck, 2 channel can only forward and back. Take apart car enables curious minds to explore how small pieces work together to make a larger whole functional piece, and helps to train fine motor skills by dismantling and assembling the removable parts all together

  • YOUR CHILDREN SAFETY FIRST: When it comes to safety for your children, we don’t skimp. For this reason, we’ve made sure the material of the toy trucks are completely nontoxic, TFS remote control take apart trucks are produced with BPA free durable ABS plastic to ensure both safety and durability for even the most rambunctious play dates, building toys for boys no sharp or pointy edges so your kid’s hands, lips and tongue won’t get cut
  • ENDLESS FUN FOR YOUR KIDS: Take apart vehicles have truck toy wheels so your child can push or remote control them around for hours. Hook machine / road roller / crane truck 3 Transformation modes, any kid would love the TFS take part toy, that’s why truck toys is such a great gift idea! So if your child is 3 years old and up, get them this awesome building game set!
  • STEM EDUCATIONAL LEARNING, BUILD A BRIGHT FUTURE: Make education part of your kids’ playtime to build a brighter future! TFS STEM learning toys introduce construction, engineering, and critical thinking skills to kids create the perfect match between fun and learning. Develop their coordination abilities and creativity with puzzle solving, hand-eye coordination, and patience , crane toy level of complexity is suitable for kids 3-6 years old
  • GREAT GIFT FOR EVERY CHILD: Whatever the occasion, TFS construction truck set is the perfect birthday gift, special occasion gift, Christmas gift, and everything in between. That’s why every take apart truck toy comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If your child isn’t full of smiles, then send it back for a full refund.

  • Take Apart Toys Remote Control Truck Kit for Kids - Build your children toys, Make your children's dream come true!


    • Most kids have a dream of becoming an engineer, this STEM 3 in 1 toy car will make their dreams come true.
    • They will love to spend several hours to assemble the toy car and keep away off TV, computer and cell phone. It develops cognitive and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.
    • Nourish their imagination and creativity by building this awesome take apart toy car.
    • What's more, it helps improve patience and enhances focus for toddlers and little kids. Best Educational Gift for boys and girls!


    Safe & Non-Toxic Material! - This bulldozer toy is made of environmental materials, which are harmless to kids. Parents no more worries! Ideal toys for toddlers!

    Remotely Controlled Take Apart Toy - The first remote control Take Apart Toy on the market, with the addition of the remote control function, allows the children to be more satisfied with this educational fun toy, and to improve the hand-eye coordination while achieving vivid The dynamic scene of the image.

    Nurture Hands-On Ability - Take apart a toy and assemble it together, during this process, your kids’ hands-on ability get improved. And the point is this process is an amusement for them. Perfect toys for boys and girls.

  • New version take apart car is with 2.4G transmitter. It brings much more fun than hand push version from other brands.


    • After the boys toy is assembled, the remote drive needs to be installed in the vehicle. Adjust the remote drive to the R/C position.
    • It brings much more fun than hand push version from other brands.
  • So What Skill Will Your Child Develop?


    1. By trying to figure out how to match the pieces and how to stabilize them together, your child will develop multiple cognitive skills.
    2. First of all, your child will learn some problem solving skills which will turn out very helpful at school and later in their everyday life.
    3. In addition, they will improve their hand-eye coordination and achieve fine motor skills all while playing!

  • 3 Different Style Construction Car for More Fun


    • Personalize your cars with different parts.
    • Create more variations, Bring more pleasure to children.
    • It is our constant pursuit to provide suitable and healthy toys for children.
    • Fuel your child's imagination with one of the best take apart construction toys you can buy and keep curious minds engaged with the improved Take Apart Toy Racing Car Kit.
  • Simulation Tool


    • The toys for 2-5 year old boys comes with a manual drill and power drill.
    • With the 2-way electric toy drill, it teaches your kids in a fun way to use screws and tools.
    • It's more fun to take it apart and put it back together by themselves!
  • Easy to assembling and Scene music


    • When take apart truck hits an obstacle, the head of the car emits realistic scene music.
    • The surface and edges are all smooth so that you can ease your worries about cuts or splinters.
    • Made with the highest standards, our tool truck give parents the peace of mind while their kids play with every part of this toy.