E-flite UMX Timber RC

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  • Full assembled Ultra-micro RC plane, small enough to fly just about anywhere – including small spaces, either indoors or outdoors
  • Versatile performance and friendly flying characteristics - plus LED NAV lights, landing lights, wing-tip strobes and beacons for realistic looks
  • Lightweight construction, 3000Kv Brushless motor, and enlarged functional flaps enable full stole capability to take off and land in tight spaces
  • Activate included AS3X and SAFE Select technologies to provide stability and precision, with pitch and bank angle limits and self-leveling modes
  • Bnf basic version requires (sold separately): DSMX/Dsm2 radio transmitter TX with dual rates, 200-280mah 2S LiPo flight battery, and suitable charger

Ultra Micro RC Fun!

With the E-flite UMX Timber RC airplane, small spaces, indoors and out, is flying country you can conquer. Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) is a specialty of this ultra-micro craft, offering versatile performance that harnesses both friendly flying characteristics and an abundance of power. Right out of the box, the fully-assembled UMX Timber comes complete with functional flaps and oversized wheels. Combined with light wing loading and brushless motor power, getting out and back into tight spaces is possible.



  • No Assembly Required
  • Brilliant LED light system installed
  • Easy-access battery compartment
  • Optional-use, leading edge slats for even shorter takeoffs and landings
  • Powerful 180-size, 3000Kv brushless outrunner motor included
  • Stability and precision of AS3X technology and optional SAFE Select mode
  • Oversized functional flaps
  • Oversized wheels and durable landing gear
  • Ready to accept optional floats (sold separately)
  • Steerable tail wheel
  • Length: 18.4 inches (467 millimeters)
  • Wingspan: 27.6 inches (700 millimeters)

Built for Convenience

100% factory-assembled and only requires the addition of a charged battery, which is easily accessed in the compartment at the front of the aircraft.

Sized for Adventure

Conquer small spaces - indoor and out- with this compact, ultra micro radio control airplane with 27.6 inch wingspan.

Ready for Fun

Prepare to buzz the brush after sundown! The UMX Timber is equipped with realistic-looking NAV lights, landing lights, wing-tip strobes and beacons - all powered off the flight battery.

STOL Capability

The UMX Timber's wing is designed with STOL features like wing-tip droops, enlarged functional flaps and optional-use leading edge slats. Install the included leading edge slats to land even slower and takeoff in shorter distances.

Stable Handling

Oversized wheels, durable landing gear, and steerable tail wheel provide stability and cushion for takeoffs and landings.

Optional Floats (Sold Separately)

To fly from pools and ponds, all that's needed is the addition of the E-flite UMX float set (sold separately) that takes only minutes to install.