FunTech RC Plane 2.4GHz

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  • 🚀Excellent RC Plane For Beginners – FUNTECH RC airplane is perfect for new flyers and seasoned pilots! The Remote control plane comes pre-assembled and ready to fly; just get 4 AA batteries for the remote and you are good to go! It is equipped with 3 modes, allowing you to have the full 6-axis gyro assist, partial assist, or total control of the plane at a flick of a switch. It’s easy to hand launch and even easier to land. Give it a try and we guarantee you will love it!
  • 🚀Sturdy and Durable – Just like almost every other rtf rc airplanes of this size, our Remote control airplane is mainly made of EPP. EPP stands for Expanded Polypropylene. It is eco-friendly, super lightweight, and incredibly tough. When crushed, the parts will recover quickly.
  • 🚀Fun to Fly – The remote control plane is really responsive to your commands. With practice, you will be able to perform aerial stunts like a pro! This plane come with 3.7V 300mAh LiPo Battery, more flying time, Wingspan 19.7", Length 13.8", great rc planes for Kids and Adults for outdoor adventure
  • 🚀Race Your Frenemies – Once paired, this ready to fly RC plane will lock onto one remote, so you can have multiple planes flying simultaneously. With a 300-ft range, we say go far! Show’em who’s the boss!
  • 🚀Stellar Customer Support – Got a question? Broke something? No problem! All our RC models come with a one-year Fix&Replace limited warranty. Just let us know and our U.S. customer support team will make sure you are taken care of!

  • FUNTECH RC is dedicated to bring you quality RC planes, boats, cars and other models and toys. We treat every customer with utmost professionalism and respect and strive for bringing joy to kids and adults alike.

    All our models come with a one-year Fix&Replace limited after-sales service. It covers any malfunction during normal use for a year, from the delivery date. Whenever you need us, just send email to us via “Ask a Question” button on the seller page, which you can get to by clicking on “Funtech RC” after ”Sold by”, below the buy button.


    Perfect First RC Plane to learn!

    This FunTech RC Airplane is a plane with transmitter control. light and durable expanded polypropylene foam (EPP) Material, a commonly used material in RC plane models,Don’t be afraid of the styrofoam, It’s tough, stronger then the plastic pieces, hard to break when bent or crashed. Lightweight for longer flight duration and better control.

    Excellent RC Plane for Your First RC Airplane!

    If you are new to rc planes or a seasoned pilot, you will have more fun with this plane. very simple to get it in the air and fly it around, The 6 Axis gyro assist is helpful if you are brand new to flying, Start on the beginner setting and hand launch.3 modes(beginner level with full assist/ intermediate with partial assist/ expert for manual control), Anybody can fly this rc plane,stable in flying and landing

    Fun To Fly and Easy To Use!

    When you move the throttle from 10% to 100%, the plane elevates with respective rate, you can make an excellent horizontal flight by just giving a lower throttle, or climb rapidly by switching the throttle to a higher level. No need to know too much about aerobatic theory and you can make a perfect aerobatic flight! It can bank left and right by spinning one of the 2 motors faster, simple but effective design!