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  • XPILOT STABILIZATION SYSTEM EASY TO CONTROL: xpilot stabilizer ultra stable self stabilization of gyro system. Powerful over-grade motor system allows easy controlling to do aerobatic flying. It's a great remote control planes for beginners, adults.
  • BEGINNERS' FIRST RC AIRPLANE TRAINER: 3-level flight control assists(Beginner level with full assist/ Intermediate with partial assist/ Expert for manual control) help beginners learn to fly radio control airplane step by step.
  • GREAT RC GLIDER FOR OUTDOOR ADVENTURE: 2.4Ghz tecnology with radio control distance of 656 ft, the strong anti-interference ability allows to hold a small flight club party between you and your friends. Have more fun with this remote control model airplane.
  • MORE LONGER FLYING, MORE FUN WITH YOU: Due to the pusher glider design, the rc model plane can fly slowly in the sky without power support, which can save more power and have a longer flight time up to about 30min.
  • REMOTE CONTROL AIRPLANE READY TO FLY: This version includes everything needed to get the model started, only require the batteries for transmitter. It is fully assembly to get the glider airplane take off for quick star and the portable package allow to go with you everywhere.
  • Remote Control Airplane for Beginner: the best rc airplane, easy to control, completely assembled Ready-To-Fly (RTF) for quick start

  • The Ranger 600 is a glider airplane but with excellent performance. Due to the XPILOT stabilization system, with over-grade powerful motor system, the plane flies stably, react nimbly and able to do aerobatics even in little windy environment.

  • Great Remote Control Airplane: Easy to Control

    Xpilot gyro stabilizer system provides superb stable flying even controlled by rookie pilot.

    The self-stabilization of gyro system will help flying in any weather condition even in windy days.

  • Special Funtion: One Key U-turn

    One-key u-turn function enable the glider plane to return by the opposite direction that the airplane take off.

    You will need to activate the one key return funtion before the rc plane takes off, and then during flying you just press the "u-turn" button, the plane will fly back automatically with gyro on.

    Special Foam: Light, Durable, Flexible

    Special EPP foam material can keep this glider plane at light weight in the air and provides flexibility and durability to keep the plane from crashing damage.

    The backward pusher design enable to protect the flight propeller from carshing, so that it is not easily damaged.

    Powerful moter and Long flight time

    The remote control airplane is a backward pusher glider plane which can make the rc airplane glider slowly in the sky without power support.

    Due to the pusher glider design, the remote control plane can save more power and have a longer flight time up to about 30min. You can have more fun with it!

    Ready to Run (RTR)

    Completely Assembled for quick start

    Within 2 minutes after unpacking, you will be able to get started and enjoy the fun while others are figuring out how to glue and assemble their planes!

    What's more fun is the fully assembly package will make it portable with you whereever you go.



    • Size: 600mm * 460mm
    • Prop Size: 2.5″
    • Radio: 2.4Ghz 3-Channel
    • Servo: 2g * 2pcs
    • Motor: φ8mm Coreless
    • Battery: 3.7V 360mAh Lipo